Hey guys!

Badass Locomotive is now up to 67% cheaper! The new prices are 

1.49 US$ | 0.99 € | 0.99 GBP

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The game Paranautical Activity has been denied access to Steam for having the temerity of having a Greenlight-Page. Read the full story here.

As a result of this, several developers have decided to take their games off Greenlight in Protest.

I am joining the protest, and as of now Badass Locomotive is no longer on Greenlight.

This is no way to treat Developers, especially Indies. We should not be punished for engaging the Greenlight-Process, which Steam has been pushing exclusively on smaller developers. in the meantime big-money Publishers can bypass it and get their games on Steam birectly, without any assurance of Quality or fun (see the fiasco that is The War Z).

In the meantime, you can still get Badass Locomotive here.



Badass Locomotive is currently competing in the IGF as student-game.

The finalists are being announced on January 14th. Eager to see the results :D

See the entry here

Oh, and I also submitted it to the German Developer Awards. Not sure how that will go, as they are often more AAA-oriented. Was fun though :)