Press round-up

The amazing Nick Reineke of Indie Impressions talks 25 minutes about the game. Go watch

Rob Remakes of RetroRemakes has his own extensive take:
“How do you make a Locomotive badass anyway?”, you may ask. “Easy”, I reply. “Stick a bloody hat on it”.
Go read


Steam Greenlight

So I just submitted Badass Locomotive to Steam Greenlight.

Now the community (i.e. "You") can upvote it for a chance of being published on Steam.

Would you kindly do so? :)



Badass Locomotive just got released on Desura!

Desura Digital Distribution
 All the builds can be found there, including Mac & PC-demos.

Badass Release!

The world's premier hat-based train-simulator is now available for Mac and PC!

Go check out the shop for all available services. You can get it from Indievania, Indiecity and Directly from me

Coming soon: Desura.

Badass Trailer!

Hey everybody,

Go check out the new trailer for Badass Locomotive:

Out June 29th.


So this is what Badass Locomotive actually looks like:


Badass Locomotive Packshot

So I made this :)


Badass Locomotive


So I've set up the website. More info to come.